ANNOUNCEMENT: Leigh Feenburg Appointed CEO of Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners

March 16, 2021

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Making Dentistry Better Together

Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners, including Perfect Teeth, DentalWorks, and our national network of family dental practices, intends to become the national leader in the delivery of dental services through a partnership with dentists who are respected in their communities, who are enthusiastic about changing the way dental care is delivered and who want to participate in building significant enterprise value over the long term.

About Us

Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners is a growing national dental support organization (DSO) founded on the principle that high quality dental care requires a three-way partnership between the patient, the dentist and their support organization. We make up 230+ dental practices in Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, and 15 other states nationwide. An effective DSO must enable the dental team to focus all their attention on their patients while taking responsibility for all of the practices’ non-clinical activities. These services include billing, collections, scheduling, clinical data analytics, group purchasing, marketing and assisting each practice in recruiting dental professionals. Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners is also committed to assuring each dentist clinical autonomy while improving the lifestyle of its dental partners and their staffs.

What makes us different?

  • Regional Business

    As a regional Company, Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners will be more responsive than national DSO’s to the unique local needs of each practice. Our Dental Partners will have a strong hand in building our partnership and its culture.

  • Strategic Development

    We want our Dental Partners to be active in creating and executing our business strategy. We expect to regularly meet with our practice leaders to solicit input to improve the patient experience, determine what are the future needs of the practices and how to more effectively compete in the local marketplace. We believe that our Dental Partners will be the Company’s best assets to attract new Dental Partners to the Company.

  • Strong Financial Partner

    Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners will be a strong financial partner. Our Dental Partners will have the opportunity to earn stock options in the parent company. We want our Dental Partners to have “skin in the game” and to benefit from the company’s financial success.

  • Flexible Affiliations

    We are flexible in how we structure our affiliations. We want to be able to accommodate the various personal, financial and clinical needs of our Dental Partners. For dentists looking to affiliate their practice and retire in a 1-2 year timeframe, we can offer a number of different options. For younger dental leaders looking to join a powerful, new leading edge DSO, we offer a wide variety of affiliation options.